Let’s Have a Look at Southeast Reno

Southeast Reno is a neighborhood in Reno that often gets overlooked as a place to call home in “The Biggest Little City”.  Why wouldn’t it, with all of the chic neighborhoods close by and newer suburbs that exist in the outer sprawl of the city.  For the astute and budget conscious home hunter, you might just find a gem in this quiet little neighborhood built in the post-war era.  The Washoe County Assessor has coded this neighborhood as “AL” – taking a look at this map, we quickly see the definition of this neighborhood.

Boxed in by Mill, Ryland, Holcomb, Plumb, and Kietzke; this area actually offers several homes that you can easily commute from, plant a personal garden in, and interact with your neighbors more often.  Shopping is always a scant few minutes away, along with dining, and city events.  All this, and this urban neighborhood remains relatively quiet; so again within minutes you can retreat away from all of that activity when you are ready to relax at home.

For commuting, the Regional Transportation Commission, has helped this neighborhood (along with the rest of the region) by providing options other than driving a personal vehicle.  There are bus routes and very well marked bike lanes that go right through the heart of Southeast Reno.  The terrain is mostly flat, making bicycling easy. There is an extensive sidewalk network kept in great repair, which keeps walking as a great option.  And if you are driving, the access to the freeway and several arterials will happen for you within minutes (or less).

Gardening and shopping in this neighborhood is convenient, fun, and adventurous.  The neighborhood was essentially the breadbasket of Reno before being subdivided into housing tracks in the period between 1940 to 1970.  This neighborhood has rich soil and a location which is dead center in the valley giving you maximum sun exposure to your plants.  Recently, there was an urban farm that was pushed out of Midtown due to rising rents, and it was surprising that they didn’t seek to lease one of the several available lots in this neighborhood. I’d also like to mention that this neighborhood is not in a flood zone, yet has decent access to the Truckee River.  In a future post, I think I’ll go into more depth about the shopping in this neighborhood; for the high level look from this post let’s just say that the convenience and variety is unparalleled in the region – yes, you can easily take your bike decked out with panniers to shop at Costco!

There are so many dining and city events within walking and bicycling distance of this neighborhood that you will be amazed. And sports fans will be happy to know that the Greater Nevada Field is real close by for soccer and baseball lovers.  Going in any direction will deliver you to great dining and don’t forget to use Yelp! to help you find all of the hidden gems.  Reno events typically take place downtown (just a few minutes on bike, bus, or about 15 minutes on foot) which is northwest of this neighborhood.  There are some events that take place to the east as well along Kietzke Lane, such as vintage car show and shines and flea markets.

If you’re searching for your next starter, retirement, or urban retreat in the Reno metropolitan area, don’t forget to give Southeast Reno a close look! And of course, being a full service and licensed Realtor, I can be called anytime to help you with your Reno home search.