In case you didn’t know, I enjoy bicycling.  Nothing too fancy, but I do ride a 10-year-old Gary Fisher hybrid around town.  It has treated me well over the years and I do take good care of it, so it doesn’t break down when I least expect it to.  Once I even rode it up to Hunter Lake…that was a long day for sure.  Anyway, I’ve been riding in the mornings with my wife on the Truckee River Bike Path.  This path is a great asset to the city, and I recommend it if you haven’t tried it out, yet.  Access is easy and free and someday it will go uninterrupted from Tahoe City to Pyramid Lake.  There is a feature that goes under Kietzke Lane that I love and I call it the “The Kietzke Gauntlet” – it is best to shoot it westbound.  Check it out sometime, it is worth the thrill, here is a sneak peak. Here is the entire ride.  And if you’re impatient, here is the entire ride condensed down to a couple minutes.

The grounds at Project Solution on Yori across from Vaughn Middle School is in fact revitalizing their entire grounds.  This will be most excellent for the kids that use that place.  They’re getting a complete refresh on the lawn – no more weed farming out there.  A complete blight reduction win – well done Project Solution!

If you see me walking around with my door hangers, say hi.  If you hand me one of my door hangers with the Reno Little Theater schedule on the flip side, I’ll buy you coffee at Magpie Roasters (excellent coffee).  Here’s a few photos from my recent neighborhood wanderings.  See you next week!