One of my all time favorite hobbies is backcountry skiing.  Much like many of my current interests, skiing didn’t enter my life until my adult years.  When someone tells you that they started doing something in their adult years, then they’re probably doing it because they actually want to do it – someone isn’t telling you to do it like a parent tells a child, or a parent living vicariously through their child (I guess a glaring exception would be a prisoner, or ‘guest of the state’ if you prefer euphemisms).  Realty also happens to be another thing that I picked up as an adult, FYI…

Another well known local backcountry skier was Ed Willis.  Ed passed away recently, so I’d just like to say that he’ll be missed.  Being a backcountry skier in his advanced years, he provided inspiration and I hope to be in his shoes someday.  The great news is that there is still a vibrant local backcountry skiing community in the Reno – Tahoe area that will carry Ed’s memory.  Here is a short online bio and memorial for Ed.

Last week I learned of a new term for this southeast Reno neighborhood – “Wellske”.  Yes, I get it – everything between Wells and Kietzke – clever.  I’ve also heard “Bungalow District” and some would even dare to call some of it “Midtown”.  I’ll just stick to Southeast Reno for now.  The Bungalow District actually does work west of the VA Hospital – there are some cool little homes over there that were built in the early 20th century – charming history of Reno in that section.