This week was going to be some coverage on the excellent Reno small theater scene, but then something crossed my page that derailed that.  We’ll get back to the theater next week…


Mount Rose Ski Resort has been for sale since January 2016.  I’ll let you peruse the article here (link is to another fine blog).  Recently a local group simply calling itself “OneReno” has proposed a plan to raise enough money through a crowdfunding effort (or similar) to purchase Mount Rose allowing scores of local Reno residents to own a small piece of the mountain.  Maybe a Mad River Glen fantasy, but hey, it’s okay to dream, right?  If you’re interested, check out their facebook page here.



For sale: one of Tahoe’s best ski resorts just outside of Reno


Meanwhile, back in the neighborhood, there was no closings last week; but there were 6 new listings.  If that trend continues, well then…more on that later… Two of the new listings did go right into contract – it is no wonder, since the sellers appeared to be very motivated.  There might be a couple more deals in the bunch, if you’re interested in taking a closer look, give me a call, or send me an email.


And, now I close with a few random images from around the neighborhood.  See you next week, folks!