Eons ago, let’s say the 1940’s, my mom’s dad would occasionally drive up from Los Angeles to Reno to vacation.  His occupation at the time was character acting in Hollywood films, disc jockey for a local radio station, and acting in the small theaters in Burbank.  His favorite activities in Reno were playing table games in the casinos, tennis, and watching the small theater shows in Reno.  He would comment that Reno actually had a good theater scene…this was coming from a guy from LA.  He eventually retired and moved to Reno in the early 2000’s and continued to enjoy one of his hobbies – producing local interest shows for cable access (remember cable access?).

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My mom’s dad enjoying Reno to the max for 94 years.

One of the theaters that would have been around at the time was Reno Little Theater.  The RLT has been in existence in one form, or another for 81 years and will be starting its season in September.  The original theater was downtown, however, fate has moved it to its current location in the geographic, pulsing heart of the Reno at 147 East Pueblo.  If you are living in Midtown, or East Reno, you are scant minutes walking distance to enjoy some intense drama and hilarious improv (amongst other plays and events offered throughout the season).  Yet, another great reason to live in this part of town.


The Reno Little Theater building opened in 2012 on East Pueblo Street.

If you’re stumbling around Midtown, another fine theater is Good Luck Macbeth. This place is a little (lot) younger than RLT, but not less important if you love the theater.  From my personal experience, I’ve seen some gut busting and interactive parodies.  And it is also home of a film club that screens some fine foreign films.


Good Luck Macbeth Theater

Of important note, but not in the Midtown / East Reno area is the Bruka.  Bruka puts on The Buttcracker. Every. Single. Year.  I guess they want to ensure that everyone in Reno gets a chance to see the high art that is The Buttcracker.  The Pioneer Center is another great Reno theater- this one is actually easy walking distance from Midtown and East Reno – the shows are expensive and sell out fast (yes, they do the Broadway shows at this one).  And the TMCC Nell J. Redfield Foundation Performing Arts Center over on Keystone Avenue (get on your bike if you’re going over from the Midtown area) puts on some good student run shows.  I probably missed some other theaters in the Reno/Sparks area, so I apologize for that if you are one that I missed (let us know below in the comments section).  Check all of these theaters out in Reno!

September is the time to think about getting your season ski passes at Mount Rose if you haven’t already. For the kids, check out the Sky Tavern Junior Ski Program.