Don’t get stuck in a ditch, or in a wreck this winter.  Plan ahead before hitting the roads in the Reno / Tahoe area this winter and have a successful and safe trip.  Thanks to the information age, there doesn’t need to be a lot of guess work and experiential knowledge.  You can use the internet and smart phone apps to figure out if there’s an automobile apocalypse, or not.  Check these out:


National Weather Service Forecast Office – Reno, NV

When you click on this link, it will take you to the main NWS page for the Reno, NV office.  The most obvious object on this page will be a map of the region, which will show most of Northern Nevada and Northern California.  Click on “Reno” inside this map – you will be taken to a 7-day forecast specifically for Reno.  The 7-day forecast is easy to interpret, because it represents the weather in pictures.  Want more detail?  Scroll down until you see the hourly forecast graphic in the right column – click on the graphic.  You will be taken to a detailed chart showing the weather for the next 48 hours – perfect!

You can also find a National Weather Service app on Google Play, which will provide the same information on the go!

Nevada Department of Transportation

This site is one large interactive map of Nevada detailing what is happening with Nevada roads in real time.  Using the map tools in the upper left corner of the map, zoom into the Reno area.  As you zoom in  you’ll notice some of the roads are highlighted, yellow, pink, blue, red, green.  Click on the vertical box labelled “Map Tools” and the legend will appear telling you what those colors mean – excellent!  Now you will know if a road is closed, or if you’ll need chains, before leaving your house.  And, hey, there’s even cameras that the NDOT has set up that you can use to view what the road conditions are actually like with your own eyes – use them!

Also, download the app “NVRoads” from the Google Play store.

The NDOT also provides these winter driving tips for winter Nevada travel.  Read them!