This story ran in the local Reno paper on 2/1/2018 about a couple that meticulously planned an adverse possession of a property in a high-end neighborhood in Reno:

Couple uses little-known law to take possession of abandoned Old Southwest Reno house

It’s a good story and well written – it even includes a plot twist.  Instead of purchasing the property at the tax lien auction to get a free and clear title at maybe an 80% discount off market value, they decided to just pay the $6,500 tax bill and take control of the property, hoping to take adverse possession of the title in 5 years.  Maybe, their gamble will pay off soon.  Maybe, if the property was just sold at auction, it would be completely rehabbed by now, instead of over this drawn out adverse possession period.  There’s a lot of maybe’s and probably-shouldn’t-haves in this story.  I’m really interested in seeing the end result.  The adverse possession law has good intent behind it, and hopefully it doesn’t start being abused in Nevada.

Anyway, if you own property out there in Nevada that you are sitting on for whatever reason, you might want to make sure your property tax bill is paid and you probably should go check it out in person at lease every year, or so.