One common question I get as a real estate agent is, “can you help me find a rental?”  The answer is a little complicated…I guess it would be like asking a dermatologist to do dental work – they both work in the health care field, but they have two very different specialties and they both work under two different licensing boards.  Real estate professionals that specialize in rentals are property managers and they have a different license than a real estate sales agent (that’s the license I currently carry).  I can point you in the direction of a rental, or a property manager and that is about all I can typically do for you.  With that said, there is some collective wisdom I can share with you if you want to go at it alone.

First, you want to monitor (at a minimum) a few primary rental listing web sites, at least 2 times a day – rentals go fast!  Here are a few that most people will list on:




You need to watch these sites throughout the day, so that you can reach out to the landlord, or property manager as soon as they are listed.

Second, you should know that there are landlords out there that don’t like using the internet – crazy, but it’s true.  What you will need to do to see their rental listings is decide the neighborhood you want to live in and literally walk/drive around looking for “for rent” signs.

Finally, if you aren’t getting results, reach out to me and I’ll connect you with a reputable property manager in the area and they might be of some assistance.